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TECNIAGUAS® is an engineering and construction company, diversified in every phase of the treatment, handling and conditioning of water. We specialize in the design, construction and installation of treatment units and in the chemical product supply. The company has a vast experience of more than forty (40) years in the industrial and commercial fields, and is recognized by private entities, construction companies and engineering consulting firms nationally and internationally.

We strive to be THE BEST IN TECHNOLOGY, continuously implementing and searching for the most modern techniques both in the treatment processes and in the selection of the best equipment to run them. We are affiliated to most of the normalizing international entities and are subscribed to the main technical journals in the area. We also have updated software and one of the most complete technical libraries on the sector.

We work to be THE BEST IN QUALITY, including the highest mechanical, hydraulic and electric construction standards in the fabrication process of our products so that they are, in quality, at the same level as the top equipment of the international market. In addition we are committed to the implementation and assurance of quality as a business philosophy, supported by the ISO-9000 norm.

We aim to be THE BEST IN AFTER SALES SERVICE for all of our products, since we know the importance that a timely and appropriate response represents for a proper operation of the equipment and a true harvesting of the initial investment. To accomplish this task we have qualified engineers and technical staff as well as a wide range of spare parts permanently available for TECNIAGUAS ® customers.





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